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The success of our company comes hand in hand with our achievements made within the team of our professionals. These experts render a service of the highest quality, not only at a local level but also abroad. Our personnel aim is to become leaders in their field, offering their experience and skill, and providing unique solutions for each client's requirements to meet satisfaction.

It is of primal importance for us to recruit the very best for every spectrum of our activity, for the advantage of offering you services of superior quality. We appreciate a team-based work system and value our outer-directed sociable personnel.

"...we don't beg for justice, we fight for it..."


A legal consulting team with values

Advicenet provides independent legal consulting and services to entrepreneurs and individuals from the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. We advise our clients on all legal aspects of their local and international activities as well as representing them in court disputes.

We have been operating continuously since 2012 and over the years we have gained one of the leading positions in the legal services market. As a collective team, we share knowledge in all areas of business law. Our team of 15 lawyers cooperates with the largest international law firms on a frequent basis.

Direct access to barristers and paralegals

We provide direct access to expert barristers, who offer the best advice or representation in court on the difficult legal problems you may be facing. This could be something that affects you personally or in relation to business.

Advicenet makes choosing a barrister stress-free. Once selected, your barrister will help you resolve your legal issue more quickly, efficiently, and often at a lower cost than a solicitor, due to lower overheads.

Our specializations

We know the law

The outstanding quality of our services and our individual approach to each client are our distinguishing features. We pride ourselves on the fact that many of our clients have been with us for years, whom we advise from the very beginning of our or their company's existence.

Criminal cases are professionally conducted by local barristers and solicitors who give comprehensive legal assistance to natural and legal persons. A criminal lawyer is the first person to turn to when there are doubts as to whether a lawful act has arisen or there is a mere suspicion of committing a crime or offense. The sooner a criminal clearance lawyer is hired, the faster the client's interest can be secured.

Advicenet fights cases in the field of family and guardianship law. Every family case requires a personalized approach and support, which we provide at every step of the legal journey. We help families navigate the many challenges of the legal system. Due to the emotional nature of most family cases, we approach each case with complete professionalism, but also with empathy and sensitivity. We also provide legal counsel for spouses and ex-spouses.

Our legal consultancy closely supports consumers by providing prompt and reliable assistance in the fight to enforce their rights.

We provide comprehensive legal services to individuals and business entities so that all their actions comply with legal standards for the protection of consumer rights.

We regularly represent individuals and organizations, guiding them in all legal aspects of immigration law.

This includes scenarios where a multidisciplinary approach is deemed most appropriate. This typically occurs when criminal offenses, employment problems, or family immigration laws affect a client's immigration status.

We are here to help

We are proud of our achievemens 

Advicenet fights for our clients and we always strive to win for them. We provide each client with deep legal knowledge that we have accumulated for over twenty years throughout our experiences. We have been crowned with numerous awards which show the reliability and success of Advicenet. 

What our customers have said: 


The team at advicenet were not only professional and courteous but vastly knowledgable with regards to not only my financial concerns but other business plans I have for the future. I can’t recommend them enough!

5 stars.

Fov Vakarian

- Reviewers company


A 5-star service all round. Takes the time to understand the position, addresses

all options, and once the decision is made the

execution is professional

and efficient.

Kamachi Korean

- Reviewers company


Full professionalism, discretion, and a very substantive approach to difficult and complex

cases. Full support and

a sincere desire to help.

I recommend.

Dariusz Sawicki

- Reviewers company

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We are on the way to celebrating 1,500 clients. If you become

the 1500th client for Advicenet

will work for you without

honorary xx

- Advicenet Director

There have been 1102 clients so far.

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4 Pillars

Our most important values

Quality and experience

We Provide High-Quality Advocacy - We have over 20 years of experience in providing specialist, person-led advocacy

People are the most important

We put the people at the central of

everything we do and we want to enable them to make positive changes in their lives.

Respect for everyone

We are a respectful team - we treat everyone equally and we make sure that everyone feels appreciated, respected and listened to.


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